Friday, January 11, 2013

I Had A Big Beef - Day #10

Day # 10 - Double Digits!!!!

Big Beef 

8" x 8" 0il on panel

I started this painting early this morning but had to leave before finishing.
I came back to it this evening and gave it some final touches.


That meant I had to photograph it with very wet paint
thus the shine along the edge.

Just to achieve this decent of an image I had to photograph it at an oblique angle.
with a color corrected lamp.
I usually use daylight.

A little creativity won the battle and I didn't miss posting on day #10.


  1. Hey Carol! So good to see your paintings. They look awesome! If found your blog through Ginny. Let's reconnect! Yvette Jury

  2. Nice cropping. The image looks nice but I bet the real thing is so much better.