Sunday, March 8, 2015

Watercolor Lessons

My fellow artist 
Carlene Dingman Atwater
provided my watercolor instructor
John Preston
with the reference photo for the first of these paintings.

Carlene asked how it turned out so I decided to post it.
Although I don't always post my paintings from class, or rather,
paintings done under supervision.
This is the best way for me to paint in watercolor.

Here are some of the more successful ones.

John provides the reference photos and 
does a demonstration of how he would paint it.

 Then his victims, er...students, paint it themselves.

 It is a great class and because he is such a patient teacher
all of his students learn something new about painting 
and themselves
in every class.

I will not be posting the clouds from our last class...
I completely crashed and burned!!!