Friday, March 8, 2013

Moon-ish River

I took a picture of the moon rising over the 
Des Moines River this winter.

I played around with it in watercolor this week at art class.
Bill Teeple kept encouraging me to simplify.
This is always hard for me.
I'm a wordy/detail kinda gal.

I did various versions and struggled with my usual inability to take
the image dark enough without losing luminosity.

I like this one best although it has more color than I intended.

Bill thought that the backlighting from the iPad
 helped to enhance the glow.

A runny one.
Now if I can do one that is runny/watery and dark?
Next time.

Isn't this one great?
It is..... the PHOTO!
I really should try this in oil but love the challenge of watercolor.

Friday, March 1, 2013


I realized yesterday when I was taking down my show 
at the Keokuk Art Center
 that I had never posted some of the larger
 non - "30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge" paintings.

Arbor Dance  

12 x 20 - oil on panel

I did a pastel of these redbuds at a Doug Dawson workshop in St. Louis
a number of years ago.  
I have shown that painting but have never offered it for sale. 
It was a "mile marker " of a sort and I have kept it
 as a reminder of the benefits of simplification.

I have always wanted to see if I could reproduce the freshness 
of that pastel in oil paint.
It is similar but altogether a different beast.
The colors are more powerful in oil, 
the pastel has a more ephemeral quality.

These little redbuds are now in the gallery 
at the Fort Madison Art Center
where I hope they will inspire spring to come a little more quickly.