Monday, January 21, 2013

Smokey Mountain Memory - Day #20

This one was fun.

It is Day #20 so I suppose I am getting the hang of it now

Smokey Mountain Morning
10" x 10" - Oil on panel

I am still dredging up old travel photos
 to paint from for the Challenge.
I just love how the atmospheric perspective in the Smokies
 is so pronounced.

I have done a couple of unsuccessful watercolors
of this photo before but I think it lends itself to the palette knife and to a little color "push".

Right after taking this picture we saw a bear cross the hiking path.
This sent me hiking right back toward the car.

The palette for this painting is similar to yesterday.
Cobalt Blue, Lt Green, Cad Yellow, Cad Orange, 
Alizarin, Diox Purple and a bit of Indian Yellow.
The Titanium White that I have been using for the Challenge has an Alkyd in it to hasten drying.
It works well, it doesn't dry overnight but will firm up enough for another layer.

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