Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chapel in the Auvergne - Day #11

We were on the trail of Romanesque Chapels on a trip to France.

Auvergne Chapel
8 " x 10" oil on panel

This one had some nice light coming from behind it 
and one of those french "lollipop" trees.

Another photo that I have been wanting to paint for a couple of years.
I started with an underpainting using a brush and finished with a palette knife.

I actually don't know if this one is finished or not.
I pre-determined the palette but as usual my darks all crept toward the middle values.


  1. Love the colors. Wonderful composition. I did notice it on Leslie's blog.

  2. I like it! It has a nice feeling to it. Your unusual last name caught my eye too. Are you by any chance related to a Mary Michalak or Michalek from Brooklyn? She would be in her 90's.