Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bonaparte's Bridge

I really haven't done much plein air painting this summer
for various reasons.

This little painting was actually done in my studio.

 I went to Bonaparte (Iowa) to paint 
with my Fort Madison artist friend Carlene Atwater in May.

"Bonaparte's Bridge"
4" x 8" - Oil on canvas

I did a plein air painting using the old Glove Factory building as my subject.  It is now a lovely Inn and has a wonderful facade.  I wasn't happy with that painting so....

I had taken a photo of the Bonaparte Bridge
 because I've always loved it's
faded green paint.

And...I had this wee little canvas.
So I cut my losses and had fun painting this little darling.

Here is a not very good photo of the Bonaparte Inn.
I hear it is for sale.
It has been very sensitively remodeled
 and has a ballroom on the top floor.
Any takers?

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  1. I remember that painting and it is very nice, that was the day my painting failed. We need to get together when the leaves change color and paint there again.